Osteopaths census

a C.O.M.E. Collaboration project

Team members

Core Research team

Paul Vaucher

Dr.PhD, MSc Clinical Trials, Dip. Ost

Prof. Dr. Paul Vaucher, the main applicant, has 20 years of experience in transdomain research working in applied social science, applied psychology, IT engineering and epidemiology. He has contributed to over 50 original published articles in bio-psycho-socio-medical fields (see Publons). He is a trained osteopathic practitioner with post-graduate degrees in health rights, clinical trials and applied neuroscience. He has experience in methodology, coding, implementing predictive rules (PMID: 21999201), conceiving interdisciplinary frameworks for health management, and accounting for different perception of science between disciplines (PMID: 31022799). Paul has planned and managed eight interdisciplinary pragmatic research projects as applicant with gained experience in transdomain team management. He is employed as Full Professor at the School of Health Sciences, University of Applied Sciences and Arts Western Switzerland (HES-SO) and leads the Unit of Research in Mobility.

OPERA is a project of Non-profit Foundation C.O.ME. Collaboration