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Synthesis of the census

Time period of the survey

March – July 2022

Target population

Adults practicing osteopathy in France

Sponsor or financial partners

Ostéopathes de France, Kookie Learning, Registre des Ostéopathes de France, PRO-FFILE, CFPCO, Médecine Ostéopathique.



Osteopathy is not a health profession in France but it was regulated in 2007. However, the profession is very popular, and the number of osteopaths is the largest in Europe. Since there is limited published data on the profile and characteristics of osteopaths practising in France, this study aimed to survey the current situation of osteopathic practitioners in France.


A voluntary online-based survey was distributed to French osteopaths between March and July 2022. This survey consisted of 52 questions adapted from the original French version of the validated Benelux Osteosurvey.


A total of 1461 osteopaths responded to the study, of which 785 (53.73%) were female. The majority of respondents were aged between 30 and 39 years (50.65%), had full-time training (89.73%), during 5 years (67.15%), were self-employed (99.59%), advertised themselves exclusively as osteopaths (90.35%) and showed a solid professional identity. The median number of consultations per week was 21–25, and nearly one-third of respondents (31.42%) reported having other professional activities outside their clinical practice as an osteopath. Osteopaths in France manage acute and chronic complaints in all body areas but mainly in the spine.


This study provides a first overview of the current situation of osteopathic practitioners in France since 2012. At present, it constitutes a new informative database on their characteristics and provides several perspectives on the profession's development in terms of status and training.


Wagner A, Ménard M, Jacquot E, Marangelli G, Merdy O, Clouzeau C, Tavernier P, Verbeeck J, Vaucher P, Esteves JE, Cerritelli F, van Dun PL, The profile of French osteopaths: A cross-sectional survey, International Journal of Osteopathic Medicine (2023), doi: https://doi.org/10.1016/j.ijosm.2023.100672

Oral Presentation

Symposium 2023 of Spanish register of osteopath (Mallorque: 14-04-23)

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